RADAR for job seekers

RADAR is a platform that matches francophone newcomer candidates with Canadian companies (outside of the province of Quebec) in search for talents.  

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), RADAR assesses the compatibility between your profile and a set of job opportunities, while revealing your current and future skills.  


As a job seeker, RADAR allows you to:

  • Customize your profile to showcase your know-how and interpersonal skills with up to 200 skills listed per account; 
  • Know your skill-based compatibility with your job opportunities;   
  • Compare, on the same platform and in real time, a multitude of job offers and mark those that interest you;  
  • Orient yourself, especially if you have several possible choices of jobs and careers available to you;  
  • Obtain an overview of the skills you need to develop, considering the most requested skills in relation to the position and the job market;  
  • Develop a personalized training program with your counsellor. 

Matching with an employer

The RADAR pilot platform matches a candidate’s skills with job offers from employers, using AI.    

The match is performed using your data and the information provided by employers, relying mainly on your skills, but also, to a lesser extent – and depending on the filters applied – on your experience, diplomas and geographical location. The AI analyzes your details in relation to the requirements of a variety of vacancies and other information from the job market and thus determines the match percentages for a list of jobs that match your profile.    

If job offers from our partner employers are a good match for you, your counsellor  will – be it at your request or after consulting with you – present your RADAR profile to the relevant HR contact and thus support your application.    

Develop your skills

As a job seeker, you may sometimes encounter job opportunities that motivate you and for which you do not yet possess all the necessary skills. 

RADAR will provide you with information on training courses that meet your skills and career needs. This will allow you to set up a personalized training program around the job you are targeting and will enable you to monitor your progress and organize your professional development at your own pace.   

RADAR can also assist you in your career transition by suggesting the right training for the skills you need to succeed in your new career. 

The job seeker process in RADAR

  1. Job search: the French-speaking newcomer is looking for professional opportunities.
  2. Posting the resume in RADAR: the French-speaking newcomer’s resume is inserted into the RADAR platform
  3. AI generates a skills profil: Artificial Intelligence analyzes the resume and generates a specific skills profile for the candidate.
  4. Advisors checks and validates: the advisor and the candidate verify the skills profile generated by the AI to ensure that it reflects the candidate’s skills and potential.
  5. Job Matching: the candidate’s skills profile is matched to job openings based on a percentage qualification.
  6. Skills Development: personalized recommendations are made to candidates to improve their missing skills for specific positions.