RADAR for employers

Skills-based matching, a new paradigm to fight the labour shortage!  

The RADAR pilot project is designed around the principle of competency-based matching. This is a new method of selecting candidates that is not widely used by Canadian organizations.   

Currently, when pre-selecting candidates, several evaluation criteria are used, such as qualifications, years of experience, certifications, etc. The criteria may vary from one organization to another. As skilled workers, our Francophone / bilingual newcomer members are likely to meet the experience and education requirements. Through their professional and academic backgrounds, they have certainly developed skills that can be applied in other professional contexts. This is the transferability of skills.

A plan to develop needed skills

Together with our job seekers, we work on individual skills development plans to help them acquire some lacking skills. As such, we count on you to keep us informed of the skills that the candidate needs to complete during the analysis of their application, so that we can propose the appropriate training that will allow them to be considered for the position. 

Development is always an option!  

Missing skills can be acquired through training that will enable the candidate to qualify for the position or even after the person has joined the company, if required. 

Why hire Francophone Newcomers?

French-speaking newcomers bring professional and technical skills that are specific to their field of expertise. They are acquired abroad and are certainly beneficial to the growth of the Canadian economic market. The skills and knowledge brought to the organization are also an opportunity to discover new local and international markets.
  • A better quality of matching leading to a reduction in the turnover rate

    Skills analysis ensures a quality match by improving the pairing between the demand for skills in the Canadian labour market and the supply of labour. This contributes to the integration and retention of skilled immigrants.

  • A mix of skills including language and cross-cultural skills

    Francophone newcomers bring linguistic and cultural diversity to the organization, broadening the scope of the business. Your firm benefits from a better understanding and an improved interaction with Francophone clients and partners in Canada and internationally.

  • One more opportunity to "live" your inclusive corporate culture!

    Francophone newcomers allow for a diversification of the staff and create an interesting and inspiring cultural synergy, important for the visibility of your organization. By hiring FNs, you contribute to equity, diversity and inclusion within your organization, and you allow them to settle in and thrive in their new professional context.

Employers participating in RADAR

As an employer participating in the RADAR pilot project, your role is to :   

  • Share with us new job opportunities available within your organization as they arise;  
  • Keep us informed when these positions are filled, so that we can remove them from the platform;  
  • Your opinion is important to us! We also count on you to provide us with feedback upon referral of candidates. This will allow us to put in place a development plan for the missing skills of a candidate, if necessary. Moreover, your feedback will certainly be a source of learning and development for our pilot project.